Don't let others dull your shine. Just because you've been fooled in the past, doesn't mean you should let it tarnish your good heart.

ShawnTheGirl is a busy, busy roomutt...

ShawnTheGirl has been in the fandom since 2000. She lives in the Seattle-ish area with her Husbeast, Dave and their kids.

She streams her art and takes commissions typically throughout the week - the easiest way to find her is her Stream Calendar.  Often joining her are her co-hosts best-bro, Johnny Skacoon or roommate/friend Squic! 

Shawn enjoys drawing pin-ups, short comics, dynamic expressions, and loves character design. She is classically trained in 2D animation and has a history of doing short-lived webcomics. She also runs Pinsignia and Garbage Bags.